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Your Life & Health

  • Change Your Life By Changing Your Diet!
  • Achieve and Maintain Your Weight Goals!
  • Save Time Cooking!
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Optimizing Your Life & Health Should Not Be Difficult

Without good nutrition that you need to stay healthy and grow as a person, you are holding yourself back in life…

You'll gain weight after losing it

You'll have less energy

You'll find it difficult to exercise

You'll wonder if you are reaching your potential

You don't have to struggle with your nutrition or finding a meal plan that works. This short read solves that by giving you an optimized nutritional foundation that saves time. Get everything you need to become the best and healthiest version of yourself—you'll know how to achieve your dreams.
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I Understand Your Struggle To Find a Meal Plan That Works

Learn how to quickly prepare your meals with delicious filling foods—including steamed vegetables, a process that takes just 15 minutes a day. This book has a proven meal plan to ensure you can eat healthy every day, even on days when you don't feel like cooking. The perfect foundation to optimally fuel your body and experience new energy levels.

Do your grocery shopping quickly

No more trouble maintaining your weight

Get fit easily

Save time cooking

Become the healthiest you've ever been

Cooking has never been easier and it will change your life forever, something Maurice van der Star knows first hand and shares the proven system he created to help you transform your life and truly change your body forever.
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What Makes the Book So Special?
It’s All About the Filling Foods With Fiber & Protein.

This is not a temporary "diet" plan. In fact, the foods described in this book will be so filling, it will be a change for a lifetime. Dieting is over, and maintaining your weight goals will be easier than you could possibly imagine. You will learn a way of eating that will free time to spend in a different way, while fueling your body at its best.

No longer be thinking about what to eat

A better focus on your life goals.

Never again dread preparing your food

Be healthy without spending much time in the kitchen.

Quickly be able to do your grocery shopping

Once a week will be enough.

Optimize the foundation of your energy and health

Invest in a bright future with love for your body.

Become the healthiest you've ever been

Improve your life in an incredible way.

Change your diet for a lifetime

Dieting is over, and maintaining your dream weight will be easy.
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Cooking as a Lifestyle—Easy Cooking for One

Whether your goal is to be fit, lose weight, build muscle, or simply be the best and healthiest version of yourself in general, the food habits and lifestyle changes in this book will help you achieve your goals.
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Author Maurice van der Star

About the Author

Hi! I am Maurice van der Star, an avid inline skater with a strong interest in psychology and healthy living. I am very pragmatic and structured to optimize my life, and have developed a meal plan that has changed my life in an incredible way. Impressed by the effects of this, I am now very passionate about sharing this knowledge to help you live your life to the fullest. I guarantee this book will help you! I developed the plan since 2018 to stay fit and build an athletic body. Feel free to contact me. I'll answer all your questions.